As we re-open the doors and welcome you back to our facility, it is important for us to address the safety measures we have taken and will continue to address regarding the Covid19 pandemic that has affected all of us. With state restrictions lifted, we are able to responsibly open our doors to resume scheduled appointments and treatments.

Your safety remains our priority and we have implemented the following protcols based on guidelines from the CDC, WHO and local state authorities to provide the highest level of safety and decrease exposure to the virus.

The following guidelines and protocols are now in effect:

  1. Elevated infection control standards including thorough disinfection of the common areas (doorknobs, stairs, elevator, bathrooms, reception, counters) and sterilization of medical instruments used during treatments.
  2. Our staff and providers have been tested for Covid-19 and they have been negative. We continue to do repetitive testing at intervals to reassure our patients that we are negative or immune to the virus.
  3. Our staff will be wearing N95 masks and gloves at all times.
  4. Phone screening will be prompted by our staff members once you request an appointment to come into the office. This questionnaire will allow us to determine “high risk patients” and it will be of extreme importance to decrease any exposure of infected patients.
  5. Air purifiers – HEPA filtering UV-C – have been installed in our common areas to help reduce any viruses, bacteria and dust in the air.
  6. All treatment rooms will be disinfected after each patient, therefore, we will be spacing our appointment times to allow time for this process to occur. We use medical grade disinfectants to assure elimination of viruses and bacteria.

Download or Print our Patient Check-In Instructions

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