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A breast lift and augmentation combines two popular procedures into one surgery, optimizing the results of your breast surgery and helping you achieve the breast shape, size, texture, and position you desire.

Breast augmentation helps women alter the shape, change the texture, or enlarge their breasts with the insertion of silicone or saline implants, while a breast lift helps correct sagging breasts that hang lower on the chest.

By undergoing the two procedures at the same time, patients get multiple cosmetic improvements to their breasts with only one recovery period and one set of incisions. A breast lift and augmentation combination is recommended for women who have breasts that are too small and hang low on their chest; are asymmetrical in size, shape, or position; or are lacking in firmness due to overly stretched skin caused by significant weight loss or pregnancy.

What to Expect

To begin the breast augmentation portion of the procedure, your plastic surgeon first makes an incision, creates a pocket, and places a “temporary” implant. The surgeon then sits you up and tests different volumes for each breast. Once the right volume is found, the permanent implants are inserted and positioned in your breast area.

When the augmentation is complete, the surgeon performs the breast lift by removing the loose, stretched skin and tightening the remaining skin to lift the breast and nipple position.

In most cases, breast lift and augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis, and local and general anesthesia are used. Following the surgery, you will require some assistance due to the discomfort from incisions and the effects of the anesthesia. Bruising and swelling of the breasts and surrounding tissue can last several weeks, but you can begin to resume your normal activities after a few days of rest and limited activity.

People have reported the following benefits:

  • Increased breast volume
  • Improved breast shape and firmness
  • Lifting of sagging breasts
  • Breast symmetry
  • Improved overall proportions
  • Increased confidence with your enhanced, natural-looking appearance
  • Long-lasting results

Why New You Medical

New You Medical Health and Surgery Center offers the most advanced treatments available.

Your breast lift and augmentation will be performed by a board certified and award-winning plastic surgeon whose skills and expertise are sought out by patients around the world. Our plastic surgery team has extensive experience with breast lifts and augmentations. In order to achieve the best possible aesthetic results with each patient, our surgeons have developed a specialized sizing process in which they work closely with the patient to determine the ideal size and shape of their breast implants, and help them accurately gauge the results of their augmentation.

They will perform your procedure in the comfort of our state-of-the-art center, using the most advanced techniques and technology available today and tailoring the procedure to your unique physique and personal aesthetic goals.

We are dedicated to outstanding patient care and unsurpassed regenerative outcomes, while providing individualized care and support.

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