Laser resurfacing can dramatically improve fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and control acne breakouts.

Resurfacing treatments, such as the MicroLaserPeel™ erbium resurfacing produce smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin with an immediate change in texture and firmness. The results are dramatic, but the procedure does involve a short period of social downtime.

Fractional resurfacing is a revolutionary laser treatment that provides the cosmetic enhancements of a traditional laser resurfacing without the risks or downtime.

Fractional resurfacing removes microscopic columns of tissue while leaving the surrounding skin intact, allowing for faster, pain-free healing.

Profractional™  erbium laser treatments are appropriate for the treatment of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, acne scarring, as well as pigment concerns.

Hybrid fractional resurfacing or Halo is the latest game changer in skin rejuvenation.

Halo provides the ablative results of traditional resurfacing with the minimal downtime of a non-ablative laser treatment.

The dual wavelengths of light rejuvenate the skin at the dermal, or deep skin layer as well as the epidermal, or outer skin layer for a combined synergistic effect without the downtime of more aggressive treatments.


Resurfacing treatments can successfully treat the following concerns:

  • Pigmentation (brown spots)
  • Age spots, sun damage
  • Moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Textural irregularities
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Skin laxity (sagging skin)

Before & After

  • Before-Halo
  • Before-Halo
  • Before-MicroLaser Peel
    After-MicroLaser Peel
    BeforeMicroLaser PeelAfter
  • Before-ProFractional
  • Before-Contour TRL + ProFractional
    After-Contour TRL + ProFractional
    BeforeContour TRL + ProFractionalAfter
  • Before-Contour TRL + ProFractional
    After-Contour TRL + ProFractional
    BeforeContour TRL + ProFractionalAfter

The laser experts at New You Medical can customize these treatments to precisely target skin, determine treatment level, and downtime.

What to Expect

Laser resurfacing treatments are simple 30 to 60 minute in-office procedures. A laser resurfacing treatment is performed using a beam of energy that targets the upper layers of skin at specific, controlled levels.  Microlaserpeel, Profractional, and Halo resurfacing procedures work by vaporizing the damaged, outer layer of the skin.

This allows for healthy, new skin cells to form during the healing process as well as stimulate collagen, resulting in smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin.

Resurfacing treatments may be performed on the face; sometimes, a deeper treatment is performed on a targeted facial area, such as around the eyes, around the mouth, or on the cheeks.

Laser resurfacing can also be performed on the chest, hands, and neck. 

Numbing cream and/or local anesthesia (dental blocks) may be used to maximize patient comfort during the treatment.

Laser resurfacing social downtime can range from one to five days depending on the device used and the aggressiveness of the treatment.

Skin care products will be recommended for use before, during, and after treatment to enhance results. For optimal results, a series of treatment may be recommended.

Why New You Medical

Dr. McQuillan and her medical team are experts in correcting skin conditions utilizing energy-based devices including aesthetic laser, intense pulsed light, and radiofrequency.

They have taught thousands of physicians to properly use cosmetic energy-based devices in the Aesthetic Fellowship and therefore offer advanced skill and knowledge in these treatments and devices.

If you are seeking a dramatic result in skin appearance and skin texture, contact New You Medical Health and Surgery Center to receive an expert assessment and superior cosmetic treatment by our laser resurfacing experts.