A neck lift can help you fight the effects of gravity and boost your appearance by giving you a tighter, younger-looking, more beautifully contoured neckline—along with the increased confidence to hold your head up high.

At New You Medical & Surgery Center, our patients can experience the benefits of the innovative, minimally invasive, time-saving ICLED ® (iGuide®) neck lift.

Like a traditional neck lift, this procedure

tightens the skin and muscles on your neck to reshape and rejuvenate your neck and jaw line.

However, it offers a shorter recovery time and less swelling, bruising, and scarring than the traditional neck lift.

An ICLED ® (iGuide®) neck lift may be the ideal procedure for you if you’ve lost weight or are seeing the effects of aging in your neck, such as a drooping jaw line or skin dangling below your chin.

What to Expect

The ICLED® (iGuide®) neck lift utilizes cutting-edge technology such as light-guided energy and the ICLED® Surgical Suture System to eliminate wrinkles and skin laxity under and along your jaw line.

Instead of cutting and repositioning muscles, the ICLED® system allows the surgeon to weave the suture underneath the jaw line, improving your neck and jaw line with minimal incisions.

Performed under a mild sedative and local anesthesia, this minimally invasive procedure generally takes less than an hour, and you can return home immediately afterwards.

You may have some swelling and bruising for up to three to five days after the surgery, but the healing and recovery will be much easier and faster than a traditional neck lift.

People have reported the following benefits:

  • An enhanced chin and jaw line that looks youthful, rejuvenated, refreshed, and firm
  • Boosted self-esteem and confidence
  • Shorter operating time
  • Minimized incisions with no scars behind your ears
  • Long-lasting results

Why New You Medical

New You Medical Health and Surgery Center offers the most advanced treatments available. Your ICLED ® (iGuide®) neck lift will be performed by one of our board certified and award-winning plastic surgeon whose skills and expertise are sought out by patients around the world.

Our plastic surgery team have extensive experience with these neck lifts, and will perform your procedure in the comfort of our state-of-the-art center,

using the most advanced techniques and technology available today and tailoring the procedure to your unique needs.

We are dedicated to outstanding patient care and unsurpassed regenerative outcomes, while providing individualized care and support.

Schedule a Consultation today, and together we can customize a treatment plan right for you.