Best Non-invasive Facelift to Help You Achieve Younger Looking Skin and Reduce Lines and Wrinkles!

Are you tired of saggy, wrinkled skin? Did you know that a painful, expensive, and invasive surgical facelift is not the only way to restore the firm and natural look of your youth?

At our Ft. Lauderdale cosmetic center, our experienced team, led by Medical Director, Dr. Sharon McQuillan, offers a non-invasive facelift to restore your youthful look.

A non-invasive facelift is a clinically proven medical procedure that uses a combination of facial rejuvenation treatments to eliminate wrinkles, restore facial volume, tighten the skin and restore skin elasticity and glow.

This anti-aging procedure will reverse and improve many age-related changes in your face and neck making you look a decade younger.

“A non-invasive facelift creates youthful beauty and radiance – without risky surgery and extended downtime!”

Who Can Benefit From a Non-Invasive Facelift?

Older men and women often feel dissatisfied with their looks due to age-related wrinkles or drooping skin on the face and may find facial rejuvenation beneficial. Below are some of the hallmarks of age that non-invasive facelift can address:

  • Wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth, and neck
  • Loss of facial volume in cheeks and lips
  • Sagging skin around the jawline, chin, and neck
  • Rough skin texture

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From a Non-Invasive Facelift?

Non-Invasive Facelift Fort Lauderdale FL

With the non-invasive facelift, you can expect:

  • A rapid recovery time. You can go back to your normall activities the next day
  • No scarring whatsoever, which makes results of a facelift very natural.
  • An almost immediate more youthful “glow” to your skin giving a way to enjoy a youthful apperance right away.
  • Smoother and more elastic skin, soft on touch
  • An increased facial volume that gives a youthful appearance
  • Firmer, more youthful-looking skin

We Take a Different Approach to Skin Rejuvenation.

At New You Medical center in Fort Lauderdale, we take a different approach to facial rejuvenation. 

Dr. McQuillan and her medical team are experts in restoring a more youthful look utilizing techniques such as the non-invasive facelift. 

Our Cosmetic Services

Dr. McQuillan taught thousands of physicians to properly use these kinds of aesthetic procedures in the Aesthetic Fellowship and therefore offer skill and knowledge beyond those of your average cosmetic clinic.

If you are seeking a dramatic improvement in facial appearance, contact us now to receive an expert assessment and superior cosmetic treatment by our non-invasive facelifts specialists.

Stop letting the embarrassment of aging skin keep you from doing all of the things that you love in life.

Schedule a consultation with our cosmetic specialist at 954-858-5888 to learn more about this life-changing non-invasive solution.

Common Questions About the Non-Invasive Facelift

What Is a Non-Invasive Facelift?

The non-invasive facelift is a procedure that creates the youthful, rejuvenating effects of a facelift without actual surgery. Instead, the non-invasive facelift uses platelet-rich plasma that is made from your own blood, which is then mixed with different dermal fillers to give patients a refreshed, youthful look.

Who Is the Best Candidate for a Non-invasive Facelift?

The ideal candidate for a non-invasive facelift is middle-aged with fine to moderate lines around the mouth, eyes, nose, and lips and volume loss in the face.

Does the Non-invasive Facelift have Any Side Effects?

Because the non-invasive facelift uses PRP made from your own blood, there are none of the risks inherent in other facial rejuvenation injections and few if any side effects. Occasionally, patients may experience redness around the injection site and minimal bruising.

How Long Do the Results of the Non-invasive Facelift Last?

You’ll see immediate plumping results from the fillers and the glow and evenness from PRP almost immediately. Full effects will become apparent after 2 to 3 weeks. Results will typically last for one year and as long as 18 months.

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